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Entry #4

Timmy goes SS3 - First Submission

2009-06-14 16:31:18 by SciutoAV

I just submitted a piece of shit that I scribbled out in about 2 hours.

Dedicated to all you sprite dbz animators out there.

Timmy goes SS3 - First Submission


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2009-06-14 23:09:42

is it okay if I laughed?

SciutoAV responds:

yes, my friend...yes


2009-07-02 20:36:54

Your first time isn't gonna be perfect anyhow. Keep making flashes.

SciutoAV responds:

thanks friend


2009-07-25 15:12:35

i am ang concur wiv yo desisiong


2009-07-25 15:14:08

caipri sun makes me high

keep at it and you shall develop 1337 animation skills


2010-01-13 18:53:03

I swear I knew you and argued with you like a mad unchained ogre but I can't remember anything so hello